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Guilty crown episode 11 why ?? :(

Why has episode 11 has to end in such a way as it did :( Ok it was to be expected to have such a ending but still this is too much,seriously it is 

Just when it was about to go in the right way. Shu telling his friends the true and has them agree to help him out just when he was about to go to Inori this creepy guy has the same power as Shu . made me all go like wtf why being soo obvious and predicable. Was to be expected to end with a cliffie but still i find it not fair at all :(

I do hope that Gai is going to be all right :( He looks very badly injured  

Gifts for Sion

As I wake up this morning the first thing my eyes find is the calendar on the wall and a big smile appears on my face ‘cause today is my birthday and also the date of meeting Nezumi for the first time, that one stormy night back at No.6.

I can’t believe a year has passed already after No.6 crumbled down and i was finally able to see my mother again, to watch Nezumi say goodbye to return a couple of weeks later with the news that his underground house had been destroyed by the destruction of No.6, asking my mother if he could stay with us until he was able to find some place for himself.

I was over joyed when my mom said “yes” but how could she not, he had been the one taking care of me when she was unable to do so herself. As everything settled down again and the town had been rebuild I had gone back to my studies and Nezumi had found a job at the near by theater to do what he did best - acting in classic plays.

But right now as I think so deeply about the past events I am not aware that Nezumi is standing right behind me until it’s too late and i get the scare of my life when I turn around and have him scream “boeeh!!” in my face.

Grinning the short blue haired young man starts to laugh for real when seeing my expression of real fear reflecting in my eyes and gets me to frown, not finding it all this amusing.

”That’s not funny Nezumi” I whine and give him a push on the shoulder.

”I am sorry your majesty but you were so deep in though I could not led such a great opportunity pass by me.” My frown deepens and i turn away from him, hoping that mom will bake me my favourite pie cherry cake.

Nezumi sits down on the sofa near the window and looks at me.

”Come here for a sec Sion, I have something for you, I know it’s your birthday” and gives me a playful wink.

Curiously i walk to were he was seated and stand still right in front of him.

”You have something for me? For real Nezumi?” I smile when he nods his head.

”But first I want you to close your eyes before i give it to you, can you do that for me Sion?”

Without needing to give him a replay back I do what he said me to do and close my eyes while i can’t wait in excitment for the gifts he was about to give me.

Nezumi smiles when seeing Sion’s innocence shows so easily, it proves how deeply he trusted the other with all his heart.

He places the plate with fresh made cherry cake on the table in front of him and holds a bouquet of Sion flowers in his hand. Okay, it was a bit silly for a guy to give another guy flowers but when it came to Sion Nezumi forgot about such small detail ‘cause he knew said boy would be more than happy to recieve flowers from him. Nezumi thought it’s only right that he would be getting his namesake flowers on his birthday.

As for the cake. he had woken up very early in the morning to prepare it together with Karan Sion’s mother who was more than able to teach her sons good friend how to bake his favorite cake and without one hour it was ready to give to Sion.

”Okay Sion, open your eyes” Nezumi says with a gentle voice and I open my eyes rigth away to look around the room curiously to see my favorite cake standing on the table and see Nezumi holding a bouquet of Sion flowers in his hand and within seconds I am smiling from ear to ear.

”Happy birthday Sion” he says and hands me the flowers which I accept with a still smiling face.

”Aww thank you Nezumi, the cake smells so good, can I try a piece? Because I really want to!”

When he nods his head I grab the knife that was laying next to the cherry cake and get a little piece for myself to take a small bite and another and another until there really is nothing left but crumbles.

Looking back at Nezumi again I have to tell him how well it tasted.

”Wow Nezumi it taste soo good, thank you for making this for me” and grab him in a tight hug as tears of happiness flow from my eyes.

Chuckling Nezumi returns my hug and whispers softly in my ear ”Everything to make you happy you little airhead” and grins.

Not much later mom returns for a bit from the bakery to wish me a happy birthday before she disappears again since it was all ready getting crowded again.

Me and Nezumi sit down on the sofa and are just enjoying time spent together.

I was real happy that even with his busy job at the theater and him living in his own apartment now he still visits me as much as possible.

Later that evening we have my birthday dinner and remember Safu who never before missed my birthday until she lost her life last year in No.6.

And so my birthday comes to end but I am happy to have mom and Nezumi in my life, who together made sure it was one wonderful day.


My very first finished one shot specialy created to celebrate Sions birthday with all of you No 6 fans <3 Enjoy and tell me your thougths

and a special thanks to my dear friend Nati for editing this story love you to bits *hugs tight*

Unfinished drabble about new No 6 episode 8

That night after returning from the place Nezumi brought me to. A place that was full of faves and ravines and to my surprise inhabit by many humans that had been thrown out of no.6 me and Nezumi sat on the sofa both deep in thought about the information we had gathered this afternoon.

I was thinking about Nezumi and what a cruel and painful past he had had, when he was so very young still. Now i finally knew how he had gotten this scars all over his back, but now i was regretting knowing it i would never wish this to anyone the way he had gotten them. Losing his family losing his home

All because they wanted to make the city of No.6 on the place the forest people lived that was so unfair. I could not believe my eyes when hearing about it from this old man who had raised Nezumi, and had given him his name.
This man who had been the first one who had gotten the bee inside of him and had lived just like me. 

I am a sort of happy that i am not the only one with such snake like scars running all over my body. But to be experimenting on real human beings shocked me most of all. who in his right mind would do such a thing, really i am starting to think all people that are having scientist as their job need to be a little bit twisted deep inside their heads to come up with such ideas as to experiment on their own bodies seriously thats just not normal not at all.

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